The Power of a Dream

Rewind <<  I remember at the early stage of my career, I envisioned owning a business called Alexander Enterprises.  Under the parent company were several entities that I operated — a modeling business, a real estate business, a publishing business, and an independent IT consulting company.  Needless to say…I wasn’t afraid to dream BIG!

Play >  Those companies didn’t mature on a grand scale but they DID come to life in one form or another that I didn’t always recognize!  For several years, I actually did runway modeling for well-known Chicago designers, and national print ads for numerous companies.  Check.  I purchased a vacation home for our family and eventually ran it as a business on  Check.  I organized graphic content and did typesetting for a global hair care company’s promotional book, and published newsletters.  I also ran an IT consulting company.  Accomplishments included upgrading the technical infrastructure of a non-profit parent support group, installing a LAN (local area network) at an architectural firm, and designing and developing software programs for a local Arts Foundation.  Check.  Check. and Check.

Fast Forward >> As I sit and write, I now know that tiny dream inside of me had to be fulfilled – it was my destiny.  I remember sitting in my one-bedroom apartment on the north side of Chicago.  While the sound of silence surrounded me, my thoughts of starting a business grew into infinite possibilities as I sketched the organizational chart on lined paper.  Each company had brief bullets of goals and a shortlist of potential names.  I had no business plans.  I didn’t know anyone nor did I have business experience.  I didn’t even know where to begin!   But now I see that every organization on that chart found the right moment to come into existence and flourish.  I now understand that the potential inside me had to be birthed.

Record [] I want to challenge you, no matter where you are in life, to find your own space and dream.  Dream BIG.  Write it down.  Draw it (make a vision board, if need).  Then breathe.  Be open to how your dreams manifest.  Allow life and relationships to reveal your destiny.  My hope is that your dreams become a point of inspiration.  But more importantly, my hope is that you will experience the power of a dream.


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14 thoughts on “The Power of a Dream

  1. Yes, everything unfolds at exactly the right time. The trick is to have faith and have the courage to keep taking another step. Thanks!


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