When Life Makes No Sense, Breathe

Isn’t it amazing how a scent can perk you up?  Fresh, fragrant flowers. Chocolate chip cookies.  Brewed coffee.  And let us not forget that scents have an opposite effect.  Spoiled meat.  Dirty laundry.  Exhaust fumes.  Our olfactory sense gives us cues throughout the day and we really don’t give much thought to it.  After all, it’s just a nose.  Isn’t it doing what it’s supposed to do?  The answer is yes, but let’s explore this together for a few minutes.

Last year, I unwrapped a gift from my husband – it was an ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser.   I expressed my gratitude,  but in the back of my mind I thought “I hope you kept the receipt.  The last thing I need is one more thing to dust“.  I held on to that gift for  a few weeks before opening the box.

During that same period, I was chatting with a girlfriend about life and the balls that get thrown at us.  She’s jumping.  I’m dodging.  She’s twisting.  I’m skirting.  We were both  dealing with challenges that seemed to be spiraling out of control.  And we were both doing what normal friends do — talking, listening, and supporting one another.

It wasn’t long after our talk that she gave me a large eucalyptus-scented candle and hand lotion – things I would not have purchased for myself.  She did this because she knew that I was stressed and just wanted to show her appreciation of me.  Mind you, this was the gift giving season and I really wasn’t expecting anything from anyone.  Yet I was genuinely touched by her thoughtfulness.  The fast ball that was hurled my way was nothing compared to the curve ball heading towards her home plate.

I squeezed the lotion into the palm of my hand and as I and massaged it into my skin, I found myself sinking into a place that I had longed to be.   It was comforting.  I placed the candle in my home office — the room where projects are planned, conference calls are non-stop, and multiple e-commerce solutions are delivered concurrently on time and with no surprises.   The scent was rich and strong and it transformed my work space into a sanctuary.   All because of an act of kindness and the long lasting scent that came with it.

Work.  Inhale.  Exhale. The rhythm became easier with each breath.  Over time, I watched the candle dwindled into nothingness.  It was as if the measure of calm was dissipating as the wick grew shorter and the wax burned.  I wanted it to stay.  The calm. The wax.  The scent.  I wanted everything to stay.

So, I un-boxed the diffuser, read the instructions from cover to cover, examined the collection of essential oils, and powered it up in the blink of an eye.  I then also realized that my husband knew exactly what I needed even before I did, minus the touchy-feeling girl talk.

And yes, our nose is doing what it is supposed to do.  It speaks to our brain, triggers long lost memories of our childhood, transports us to a happy place, alerts us of danger.  In addition, studies show that aromatherapy scents can enhance memory, increase alertness, or relieve migraines.

What a creation we are.  What a wonderful and magnificent creation we are — that we can to bring healing and calmness into our personal space through a sense.    Truly, we are marvelously made!


P. S. Thanks for reading the #InsiderScoops.  Let me know some of your favorite scents, I love reading your comments.  I also have Voluspa Candles and a Skin Pasion de-stress body oil give away on my contest page – good luck!


12 thoughts on “When Life Makes No Sense, Breathe

  1. Jasmine, orchid, coconut and vanilla always put me in a good mood. I love lighting a candle to make the room smell pretty.


  2. Clean linen…jasmine…cinnamon spice…warm vanilla are some of my favorite scents…putting me in a serene mood…


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