Meet the #OMagInsiders

I can’t believe it’s been three months since I received the email from O, The Oprah Magazine to join O’s Inner Circle!  Where does the time go?  It’s been a great experience thus far, so if you are still wondering what’s this thing I’m doing with Oprah, here’s the Insider Scoop!

After being invited to a closed online group, we introduced ourselves and met one another via social media or in-person when and where possible.  My first in-person encounter was with Amy Boyle – we agreed to meet for lunch at Frontera Grill in Chicago.  Amy is a rockstar photographer who’s been carrying a camera since grade school.  I enjoyed hearing her story about an unexpected photo shoot 20170316_125543with Elton John and Oprah and how much she enjoys capturing stills of theater in motion.  I have to admit (and I never told her this, but now she’s going to find out), that I thought she was employed by the Oprah Magazine and was sent on assignment to observe me…you know…like a spy.  Inside my head I thought “Maybe she is here to see if everything I said in the application is true.  Maybe she’s going to ask a bunch of questions for an upcoming story.  Is she is in the kitchen?  Is Oprah in the kitchen?”  Now, I laugh about those thoughts because, in retrospect, I was still in shock and disbelief that I was chosen to be in this elite group of Brand Ambassadors!

A few weeks afterwards, we had the #OMagInsider kickoff meeting with a team of 20170601_133118O Executives to discuss high level marketing and promotion plans.    I was particularly impressed that they were open to hearing pitches, and they conveyed a willingness to connect us with brands.  I even sent a note afterwards thanking the team for that meeting – it really helped me with understanding my “mission”.    I was excited as ever about the opportunity to be of service while representing and echoing the O Magazine mantra.  Since then, I’ve received a welcome kit (how cool is that) and started spreading some #OMagInsider love in my travels and social media posts.   I’ve also spent whatever extra time I could find visiting and reading websites and posts, and connecting with fellow ambassadors.

In early May, the #OMagInsiders launched its first ever website at to introduce the world to this tribe of strong, talented, and unique group of individuals.  On the site, you can learn more about the OMagInsider Program, apply to become an OMagInsider, meet and view current OMagInsider profiles.  And you can see what we are up to on our Instagram feed by following the hashtag #OMagInsiders.  I view the posts each and every day — they are inspirational, uplifting, and just plain fun so be sure to check it out!

…and there’s more…

JUNE1I had the extreme pleasure of being interviewed by OMagInsider Lisa Zimmer on her Blog Talk Radio show, Unlimited Realities!  Lisa has a “knowing”, and her gift brings out the best of you in every conversation.  I was so honored to be a part of her show and I highly recommend that you follow her on Instagram and Twitter.    She is a dynamic, insightful, and incredible person – love her ❤️☀️📻!  You can learn more about her professional services at or listen to her live podcast  every Thursday at 11:30am ET.  You can also visit the site to replay any of the previous episodes!

HollandAmerica - CopyRecently, we were presented with an insider opportunity to sail with Oprah as she celebrates her Year of Adventure on the Holland America cruise line to Alaska!  WOOT WOOT!! Alaska is a beautiful place and has been on my bucket list for years….my husband was a little jelly that I considered going without him LOL!  There will be special appearances so if you haven’t reserved your cabin yet, there is still time – book it now!!

I look forward to sharing some more of my adventures.  Until then, check out the OMagInsider monthly give-o-way from the OMagInsider site.  It’s a perfect way to kick off the summer!


5 thoughts on “Meet the #OMagInsiders

    1. IKR! I kept thinking she has to be the “plant” that reports back to O – the insider who is on the inside! Doesn’t it sound like a logical way to know people better? LOL


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