For the Love of Writing

Since 4th grade, I have wanted to be a writer.  I have always loved writing.  I distinctly remember Mrs. Harris instructing us to stay within the lines and practice, practice,  practice.  My favorite part of writing was making up stories and penmanship.  I used to curl the end of a small-case “Y” to make a stem for the flower that I drew.  I wrote everywhere and on everything.  I even practiced my mother’s penmanship.  Mostly, in case I needed to forge something from school.  That came in handy for 7th grade history class. Aaahhhgg!  That instructor was the devil.  He threw chalkboard erasers if you were caught talking during class.  Do you know how hard it is to get chalk out of a uniform?

I totally envy my Dad’s penmanship …it is absolutely amaze-balls!  Stunning.  I used to read his letters to my mom and think “WOW!  He is SO good!”

I found his hand-written note from 1998.  He was pretty nervous about giving the toast and cribbed this for himself.  I kept it, as I try to keep everything he writes.  His penmanship is similar except rhythmic, with long strokes and distinctive slants.  When I find a cursive example, I will post it.  It’s really beautiful.


If you read it, I know.  My face melted into a soft sob during that moment.  #PassTheHankie

Although my career took me in a different direction, I never stopped yearning to write.  I started a blog about 15 years ago, but didn’t tell anyone about it.  I wrote for me.  It was full of rants, ideas, recipes, incidents, and whatever I felt at the moment.  I didn’t care about having readers or a “following”.  My dad never knew about my childhood dream.  Then one day, he gifted me a Mont Blanc.  In his world, it’s called a fountain pen or writing instrument.  It’s not an ink pen.  That’s something you buy at the drug store – and you get 3 for $4.99!   He didn’t know that he was kindling the fire of a buried passion.

My blogging continues but it seems I barely have time for it (as evidence by the lack of posts).  Yet, I am still encouraged to write.  So…write, I will!  And my next literary creation after this post, is going to the J Peterman Company (yes, the same one that employed Elaine in Seinfeld).  I read those catalogs from cover to cover.  And I have a few pieces from their clothing line that I absolutely adore!

For the month of February, J Peterman is accepting entries to their Ink and Paper Letter Contest” , below is the post from Instagram. 


thejpetermancompany  We’ve been talking about #letters and #ink and #paper over on Facebook, and that got us thinking. The responses told us that people miss the practice of putting real ink to real paper—and we feel the same—so let’s see what we can do about that. Write us a letter. Type it or write it by hand. It can be about anything, but let’s keep it to one page. One letter per person. As our mailbag fills up (yes, an actual mailbag), JP will select a letter once a week—starting two weeks from today—and respond to it personally. The author of that letter will also receive a $150 gift certificate.  We’ll keep this going through February 28, and at the end of the contest, we’ll randomly select one of the weekly winners to win a Counterfeit Mailbag.

Send your letter to:
Ink and Paper Letter Contest
The J. Peterman Company
5345 Creek Road
Blue Ash, OH 45242-9514

We can’t wait to read your letters. Our empty mailbag is ready and waiting…now.

How exciting is this?  Count me in!  Now, what will you write about?


4 thoughts on “For the Love of Writing

  1. Go Tanya… I wish we could have a movement to bring back letter writing. Nothing is more exciting a refreshing then to receive a handwritten letter in your mail box ….It remains one of my favorite things….even a card gets me all nostalgic if the days when we wrote letters to each other … Good luck my friend.


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